Our Story

'Riverstone in the making'

Originally born and raised in a little mountain in Abruzzi, Italy, Peter Inglese sailed with his family to Australia in 1950, settling in a Wadin, a beautiful part of the Yarra Valley. Growing up, Peter was immersed in an agricultural setting, his parents owned a farm, growing fruit and vegetables, making most of the meals from the produce they grew.

Introduced to winemaking at a young age, Peter observed his father make wine every year with great craftsmanship, no preservatives, just pure wine from the fruit, replicating techniques the romans used for thousands of years. It was at this age that Peter had a seed planted in his mind, the pursuit to create quality wine.

Peters spark ignited, having previous knowledge of grape growing from his father, it was an easy transition. Peter also wanted to increase his knowledge of vineyards and the wine industry, working at Coldstream Hills, Eayton on Yarra And Mcwilliams. Wine quickly becomes his life passion. Peter’s ambition and curiosity outgrew him… deciding to create his own dream, with his vision on a platter, painting his idea on a canvas, creating Riverstone as we know today

In 1976, Peter bought 80 acres of land just outside of Healesville with his wife and 3 children. Breeding stud limousine cattle from France, the Stud cattle market was very successful until the mad cow disease decimated the industry. The infamous Riverstone homestead was built in 1992 from bluestone and 100 year old Oregon timber. Shortly after, Peter established the vineyard in 1995, planting the first vines in December of 1996.

Heritage ingrained in the roots of Riverstone

In 2001, Riverstone counted 25 hectares. Gradually, Peter  bought more land as opportunities presented themselves. Today the Rivesrtone Vineyard counts 30 with 10 ha of white vines and 16 ha of red vines. In 2019, Peter transmitted the fruit of his experience and passion to their son, Aaron. Just as demanding as their father, Aaron was eager to safeguard/protect the local soil and territory inherited, continuing the heritage he was brought up on.

Thus, for two generations now, the team at the Riverstone observes, adapts and develops the best techniques of wine making and vine growing which account for all the quality and the specificity of Riverstone wine.