Our Story

Riverstone’s story begins over 70 years ago, when Peter Inglese arrived in Yarra Valley in 1950, sailing from Italy, as a young boy with a dream. Growing up, Peter understood the potential of the cool climate and uniquely fertile soils in which elegant and perfect grapes could be grown.


In 1976, searching for  nutritious soil conditions, streamlined rainfall and unspoiled sunlight exposure , Peter bought 80 acres of land on the banks of the Yarra River with his wife and 3 children. The relentless pursuit to grow fine wine meant that his childhood creams were finally in the grasp of his hands.

In 1992, the infamous Riverstone homestead was built from bluestone and 100 year old Oregon timber, sitting on the highest point of the Yarra Valley tickled by a gentle breeze off the protecting mountain range and innate sounds of the flowing Yarra river. 


In 1995, Peter established the vineyard, with the first vines were planted in December of 1996, 2 hectares of shiraz, 2 hectares of cabernet sauvignon, 2 hectares of pinot noir, 2 hectares of chardonnay and 2 hectares of sauvignon blanc.

In 1999, the second chapter of Peter’s winemaking journey began, beginning full winemaking production.


In 2019, Peter and Generation transmitted the fruit of his experience and passion to his son, Aaron. Just as demanding as his father, Aaron, eager to safeguard/protect the local soil and territory inherited, continuing the heritage he was brought up on.