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Riverstone's Winemaking


Introduced to winemaking at a young age, Peter observed his father make wine every year with great craftsmanship, no preservatives, just pure wine from the fruit, replicating techniques used by the Romans for thousands of years. It was at this age that Peter had a seed planted in his mind, the pursuit to create quality wine. 



The winery is on the summit of Yarra Valley, immersed by vast land, endless brooks, scenic landscaping and a beautiful green vineyard. The vines, grown in the famous Yarra Valley soil, some planted 30 years ago, produce quality grapes native to the Yarra Valley region. A total of 30 hectares, 16 growing red and 14 growing white.

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Riverstone Estate is located in the heart of Yarra Valley which is a famous tourist area and is one of Australia's three major wine producing sectors. In 1992, Sitting on the highest point surrounded by mountainous views and beautiful scene of the Yarra river, the infamous Riverstone homestead was built from bluestone and 100 year old Oregon timber. 


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